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Taxi service business is a very good business not just in Nigeria, if you are wondering on how to start this business then this article is for you. In this article we will highlights some important points why you should start this business. Taxi cab business is very lucrative if you know your way on how you can grow the business; this is the reason why information is very important. There are lots of others rushing into this business without proper information, and there is not knowledge to maximize what they have because they have failed to get the necessary information.

With the growing population of Nigeria, this business has grown to be one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria. Irrespective of your state or city, you can make so much from this business than other business that you are thinking about. The population of people who do not own a car to go out every day is much more than those who do, as a matter of the percentage is staggering. This is the common reason why Taxi cab business is very profitable.

There are so many individuals who reside in urban areas and their only means of getting to their destination everyday is by a taxi cab, in most cities in Nigeria, the use of motorbikes and tricycle are banned by that state government, leaving just taxi cabs and buses. Buses can be very uncomfortable for several people so majority of these people prefer taxis. An average taxi driver makes over 15,000 naira per day. This however depends on the city you are located but irrespective of your state or city you can be rest assured that the least you can make is about 10,000 naira per day.

Technology has contributed immensely to the success of this business, you can register you car with Uber, Bolt and others and become a driver under these companies. With the use of the app, people will request for your services so you do not need to stress yourself looking for passengers, with these companies, passengers are looking for you. Working with any of these companies gives you an edge, because their system is already in place and all you have to do is take advantage of it and earn your money. An average Uber or Bolt driver makes over 3 million naira per annum.

The major thing you need for this business is a car and a phone. To get connected to the app, you will need internet subscription so you can get pings or request from passengers when they need you. It’s very easy, not difficult at all. There are several people that use their car for taxi services after work to supplement their jobs but they do not make much like those who go into it full time or like those who give cars to people who rush this business for them, the difference is much.

If you want to go into this business, whether as an individual or you intend to use several cars for it, there lots of ways you can grow the business and these strategies are in a good and well written business plan so I strongly recommend that you get a business plan. If you wondering why you need a business plan, this is a fact that you need to know. Every successful business started out with a business plan, whether or not it’s a large scale, medium or small scale, a business plan is important. A well written business plan will help you gather all the necessary knowledge you need for the business, you can get experts to conduct a feasibility study for you and draft a very comprehensive business plan. With this business plan in hand, you will get the current picture and state of the industry and what you should expect. It will also help you know the best location for the business.

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A good business plan can also attract investors, you can use it to get loans from the Bank and grant, the fact remains that the importance of a business plan for a business can never be overemphasized.

Another important thing you need is to register your business. This is so important, if you are running a sole proprietorship, you may need to register with local and relevant authorities. Registration with these digital platforms like Uber and Bolt is necessary so you can take advantage of their platform and make more money. To register your taxi business you will need to have some of these requirements.

Driver’s License
Vehicle Insurance
The car must be of standard to meet the requirement of Uber and Bolt.

The reason you need to register with these bodies is because, it can improve your chances of expansion, thereby making more money. It improves the confidence of your passengers and it also makes it easier to source for loans in case you want to expand your business. Another important thing is getting the necessary licenses and permits. One of the most important permits the is Hackney Permit, as a taxi driver you need to have it.

Insure you car

This is very important; register your car with a reliable insurance company. There several taxi drivers in Nigeria that overlook this but it’s important, it protects your vehicle in case of any eventualities. Whether is theft, accident or fire, with insurance you will not be at loss.


Just in case you have not heard, location is everything in a business. After you have registered your business in any of these digital platforms, you will need to be at the right location. There are areas that have more traffic at different times of the day; mostly mornings and evenings have the highest traffic. Make sure you are located at the right place and at the right time. There are also areas where transportation are more expensive, you need to know the right location and this is one thing a good business plan will help you identify.

Market your business

The first marketer of your business is you. In the Marketing Analysis area of a Business Plan, you will get the marketing strategies you may need to put into the business. It is not enough to get a nice car and hope that that alone will attract customers. You will need to do much more than that. Aside the fact that these digital platform has its one publicity, remember you are not the only one using the platform so to make people always need your services you need to do more, and most of these in details are contained in a our Business Plan.

Dress Code

You mode of dressing is important; people will be more released with the way you dress. The perception of your passengers is very important so you do not want to send the wrong message with your dressing. Ensure your dressing is modest, you do not need to wear suit and tie, but in your mode of dressing be modest and decent.
Get the right vehicle

This is so important, for a taxi business, your car is everything. Getting the right car will make it easy for you to get passengers so this is not something that you should take lightly. These digital platforms like Uber and Bolt require your car for this service to be of standard. That means everything in your car should be working. This is so important so if you are buying a car for this business please be mindful of this.

To place an order for your Taxi Business Plan, pay N10,000 to

GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)
Account Name – Uwadia Eyemeka
Account No – 0127561472

After payment text your name and your e-mail address to 07036785443 and you’ll receive your Taxi Business Plan  / Feasibility Study in Nigeria.

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