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Shoe making business is did not start today, it is a business that will continue evolved from simple footwear to sophisticated footwear. Everybody wears shoes, whether rich or poor, aside the fact that it’s a basic need as a human being it’s also a way to look beautiful. Dressing up is not complete without nice shoes to go with it and this is one of the reasons why shoe making business is a very lucrative business not just in Nigeria but also in the world at large.

There different kinds of shoes, there are easy-wears, office wears, sports wears, lab wears, boots etc. In the shoe making business, skill and knowledge are very important because this will determine how you make your shoes, the kind of material you use in making the shoes and so on.

Shoe making business can thrive in what ever way you decide to start. Whether as a small scale business or a large scale what is important is your skill and the materials you use in making the shoes. One important thing that can not be overemphasized is the quality of materials used in the shoe making business whether you are making sandals for causal or brogue for office wear of boots, the quality of the material must be a good one because nobody likes shoes of inferior quality as this affects the durability of the shoe.

This business can thrive in anyway you start but it is better when you start big and what I mean by this is having a shoe factory where you can create a brand for yourself. Whether or not you are skilled is not a prerequisite to venture into this line of business. If you do not have the skill to make shoes, then get the people that are skilled, you can employ people that know how to make shoes to work for you. However having the skill is important since it’s a business you are venturing into but it’s not compulsory.

Shoe Making Feasibility Study

In large scale shoe making business, you need marketers to help market your products, the staffs are expected to be trained with the skill to operate the equipment used in the factory. The number of people to employ depends on how big the shoe factory is but ensure you employ capable hands that will help take the business to the next level.
Another important aspect in setting up a shoe making business is to know the type of shoe you want to specialize in. Like I have earlier mentioned there are different types of shoes, choosing the type of shoes to specialize in would help you concentrate whether it’s for males or females.

The materials for shoe making is very important, this is one of the most sensitive key areas in shoe making business because durability and quality is dependent on the materials used in making the shoe. To set a good standard for brand don’t just use any kind of material to manufacture shoe because this will later affect your brand in a negative way and that would not be good for business but if people know your brand to be of a good quality and it’s durable, people would always patronize you and that is how business grows. This is the reason why having a good knowledge about shoe making is very important because this knowledge would guide you to buy quality materials for the shoe making business.

In shoe making business, the places the shoes would be worn is very important, the environment, the weather all of this should be taken into consideration. Another important aspect is the process by which the shoes are made. The machines used in manufacturing the shoe can affect the outcome of the shoe. That is why it’s important to get good equipment. For a small scale shoe making business, sophisticated equipment are not necessarily needed but this also depends of the type of shoes you are making.

Location is everything in business, where you business is located can affect your business either positively or negatively. As a small scale, you can start from the confides of your home but if you want to get a place, look for a place that is strategic to your business. A place that can be easily access and where your products can be easily seen and noticed by the public.

One of the ways to stay ahead in every business to know all there is to know about the business and the general public that are your potential customers. This is the reason why conducting research is very important for every business. As a beginner or even if you have been in this line of business for sometime, you need constant, fresh innovations and ideas to stay ahead of your competitors. Having a business plan and conducting feasibility studies are non negotiable. Find out what others who have succeeded in the business know and do, add it to your own, knowledge they say is power and as far as business is concerned there can never be too much of it. Some of the information are already available, look for them in the right places, ask the right questions and you will get the right answers. No assumptions, don’t think you know it all.

In conclusion, brand your shoes. This will give it a certain kind of packaging. Whether it’s causal or office shoe, brand it. Let people know about your brand.

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