Ram Farming

Ram farming business did not start today. This business has been in existence since the ancient times and its still relevant today. Ram farming is the rearing of Ram for meat consumption, milk or wool production substantially or commercially. Ram farming business whether small or large scale can make you a multi millionaire in a very short time because the demand is very high and the market is unsaturated.

On this article, you will get to know how to start and run a successful Ram farming business and learn why this business is one of the best agribusinesses you can venture into.

Ram Farming Feasibility Study

Ram farming business in Nigeria is mostly for meat production. ram meat has a very high nutritive value and is eaten by almost everyone. Thus making the business a great source of income. However, Ram farming is not limited to meat production. The skin, milk and even excreta can also serve as means of income because there are still high demand for them.

Ram farming business do not require huge capital before you can begin. If you want a large scale Ram farm you can but you can also start small. You do not need to have an expensive house for the Ram. They are Ram and not humans, however you must make the house conducive because Ram are fragile when compared to goat.

Unlike goat farming, Ram farming does not require much labor, there are less aggressive like goat and as such much easier to tame. They can survive consuming low quantity of grass and they eat different kinds of plant. The size of their herd should be large because they give birth more frequently and one good thing about them is that they can adopt to any type of environment they find themselves.

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Ram farming generally play a vital role in our everyday life because there are lots of vital thing that are gotten from Ram and all of this thing affect us as human beings directly and indirectly. For example. The meat from Ram is eaten and has high nutritive value. Wool, which is gotten from some breed of Ram is used to make clothes, the skin is used to make leather shoes and furniture. Even the excreta is used as organic manure or fertilizer.
And all of this things are highly profitable. Which is why Ram farming business is one of the most profitable agricultural business to do.

How to set up Ram Farming Business

Setting up a Ram farm may sound really huge for a lot of people but the processes involved might surprise you because it isn’t that huge. I have had people ask me this question, how do I start Ram farm, what do i need to do to set up a Ram farm. Well the answer to all this question will be answered in a minute so just sit back relax and enjoy reading the informative and educative article. I’m very sure that at the end of this article you must have gotten the key things you need to set up Ram farming business.

Get a Business Plan – This would sound like a cliche to some people because they have heard it all the time. For the fact that you have heard it all the time doesn’t mean its less true. Getting a Ram farming business plan in Nigeria will expose you to all the necessary thing you need to grow your business from point A to point B. A good and comprehensive business plan can even help you get investors to invest in your business. It contains your mission and vision statement and how you need the business to run so you can use every opportunity your are to your own advantage. A business plan like is often said is a road map for a business in other words you can measure each stage of growth and know the next step to take to achieve a greater one.

Your objectives must be clearly stated. The reason and the goal of setting up a Ram farming business must be clearly stated in your business plan. Whether or not you want to secure a loan or a grant you need to have this in print so you always be reminded what your objectives are so as not to loose sight of your purpose. If you are going into this business for the sole purpose of meat production it should be stated. If its a combination of meat production that also should be clearly stated. With your objective clearly stated you will know the housing you need for the Ram and all the necessary item you need to get so they can be in good health.

Location – The location for your Ram farm is very important. You need a suitable location for your Ram farming business. Some key factors to consider when choosing a location, water, the amount of grass that can be easily sourced, good transportation, medication. This factors are very important and they should influence your decision when choosing a location for Ram farming.

Housing – The housing for Ram is also important. They need to be in kept safe from harsh weather and harmful predators and one good thing about their housing is that is not expensive. For example, an adult Ram need about 20 square feet floor so if your are raising 10 Ram, you need to have 10 feet long and 20 feet wide hose. The roof should be preferably 6 feet high. Keep the house regularly clean with a good drainage system. Have a good ventilation system, good amount of sunlight.

Feeding – To have a robust Ram you must feed them properly. The robust they are the more your profit. A good and healthy food will keep them in good health, productive and diseases free. Enure they get the best feed. The greens and corn should be healthy for them to feed on, the water should be clean.

• Feeding Lambs
Broken Gram 20 percent, broken maize 22 percent, almond cake 35 percent, wheat 20 percent, mineral salt 2.5 percent, salt 0.5 percent.

• Feeding Adult Ram
Broken Gram 37 percent, broken maize 15 percent, almond cake 25 percent, wheat 20 percent, mineral salt 2.5 percent, salt 0.5 percent.

Ram Breed

There different type of breeds. For example if you are venturing into Ram farming for the sole purpose of meat production then the breed you should get should be different from those for wool production. The different types of breed has a huge role to play in the business so be care of the breed you buy when venturing into this business. In Nigeria, where there are mostly for meat production, the most common Ram breeds are Bororo, Uda, Balami, Ara-ra.

Marketing – You have to employ strategic means to make your business. Ram farming is a very lucrative business but without proper marketing you might not make as much as you should. one important question here is how can you get to your target customer both locally and internationally? This is one thing a business plan will do for you. Show you some of the best marketing strategy you can use for your business so you can reach a huge customer base. This should even be done before starting you business.

Fencing – Its very advisable that you fence where the Ram is pasturing. This will prevent them from wondering. The fence should be very strong to restrict and also prevent predators from entering. There are different ways to do this but which ever way you decide to it so okay.

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