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Laundry Service

If you are serious about making some serious money providing laundry service and dry cleaning services and make massive money, then you should get our Laundry business plan in Nigeria and get all the best information on how to start laundry business in Nigeria.

Providing Laundry services is one good and avenue that any serious minded and hard working Nigerian youth and entrepreneur can key into and make some good money today. 

Trust me starting a small scale laundry business today could be the best thing you can actually do for yourself as most business that turns people to millionaires does not necessarily have to be big.

Laundry/ dry cleaning business it not capital intensive, this is one business you can start from the comfort of your own home with just the right material, on this post I will share with you what you need to know and the right material and equipment to start your own Dry cleaning / Laundry.

To start and run this business efficiently you need to have a well written laundry & dry cleaning business plan and we have this business plan written by professional, this will help you with your financial projections and analysis, like the amount of money you intend to start with and the cost analysis, the overview of the business, how to make your business better than your competitors, the location and also the profit you intend to make.

Laundry Service Feasibility Study

One thing to give utmost attention to in laundry and dry cleaning service is the convenience of your costumers, the collection and delivery of the clothes should be swift, the price should be very affordable and the quality of the clothes should also be protected.

The profitability of starting a laundry service business in Nigeria can not be overstated for instance just to To wash and Iron a shirt, a launderer/ dry cleaner will charge nothing less than N500. then imagine you have to wash 20 shirts in a day, that will make you N500x20 = N10,000. The amount of money you make depends on you and how many regular customers you have and that its why you have to treat you costumers with utmost care and respect.

If you are still wondering which business to start in Nigeria today, you can check out our Business plan section or contact us to write you a feasibility study business plan. Among this list of business ideas you should consider now is, how to start a laundry services may just be one of the business .

Besides, dry cleaning and laundry service business is a very clean business that is respectable and dignifying and still racks in good money to your pocket.

Before i proceed to tell you How to Start a laundry service in Nigeria, lets analyze all the Opportunities In starting a Laundry Service Business in Nigeria

Dry Cleaning Service

Where washing of cloths and doing of laundry would obviously represent a domestic problem for some, it is actually a money spinning avenue for a laundry service business owner. Since a great number of people in every locality want to dry clean their cloths at their convenience, the dry cleaning and laundry service business sector has continued boom and flourish in Nigeria

Ironing Clothes

Dry cleaning actually involves the act of washing and ironing of cloths after the final wash, But in some cases you will still get some costumers that will bring in their rumpled clothing just to have them ironed by a professional laundry service operator. This creates a less stressful revenue stream for a dry cleaner since they only have to focus on just ironing the cloths.

depending on the location some dry cleaners can as low as 100 Naira per clothing ironed and if they dropped off 10, it results to 1,000 Naira. This model can cause a dry cleaner to make as much as 100,000 Naira extra monthly, from just ironing clothes for people.

How to Set Up A Laundry Service in Nigeria

Register The Business And Get The Necessary Permits:

See how you can register your business here – How To Register your Business

Establishing a standard dry cleaning business in some places around the world requires you get a special kind of permit. In America, it is highly regulated, but in countries like Nigeria, setting up a laundry and dry cleaning service can be stress free. Just visit an Cooperate affair commission office to get your business name registered with CAC Nigeria, you can then go ahead to setup the location.

Select A Good Location:

Its highly advisable to pick an area where the population is dense as the right location for a dry cleaning business is highly crucial to your laundry service success.

This is a very important aspect of the business, a good location for laundry and dry cleaning business must be very easy to access and situated close to the customers.

In this business you location should be big enough to accommodate your equipment like your washing machine, hanging, where to iron the clothes, and all the necessary things a laundry and dry cleaning service should have.

Learn the Skill

It is highly important for you to get some training if you do not have any idea on how to do laundry or dry cleaning before you spoil somebody’s clothes.

Learning the skill and techniques is very important because there are different ways to dry clean or launder different clothes. You should be able to differentiate fabrics, how to wash or dry clean them.

How To Promote Laundry Business

There are several ways to promote your business to attract more customers to your laundry and dry cleaning business.

1. Have marketers that move around to places like banks and neighborhood, get your business card, flyers ready.

2. Home delivery – Be ready to pick up dirty clothes and return them as soon as you are done washing them.

3. Your price should be fair and better than your competitors

4. Package and brand your washed clothes properly. You costumers gets to know how serious you are with how well you package and brand the clothes you deliver to them.

Items Needed To Start A Laundry Services

Washing machines.

A washing basin to separate and soak different materials and colours of clothing.

A generator set to power your laundry business in case of an electricity outage.

A garment conveyor to hang the finished clothes.

An ironing table to straighten and fold the dried clothes with an industrial steam iron.


Laundry detergents specifically used by dry cleaners.

A water storage or tank.

Wooden shelves.

Clothe hangers.


Nylon bags for packaging.

Two employees (at least)

Here’s what is Contained in Our Laundry business plan in Nigeria PDF feasibility manual

Table of Content












So that’s how to Start Laundry Services in Nigeria

With our detailed Laundry service business plan you can get bank loans, and entrepreneurial grants to finance your your business. To plan an order pay N10,000

GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)
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After payment text your name, your e-mail address and bank teller number to 07036785443 and you’ll receive your Laundry service business plan in Nigeria / Feasibility Study Proposal.

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