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Hair Salon Business Plan in Nigeria – Everyone loves to to look good. Whether a woman or man, everyone wants to look good and be complimented. One of the ways to look good is taking good care of your hair and most women already know know this and that is why hair salons business is one of the most profitable businesses in the day and age. Hair salon / wig making business can not be compared to what it used to be many years ago so much as changed and some smart men and women are seizing this opportunity to smile to the bank every now and then.

Even though men love to look good as well but not in the same way women does. There are women that visits the salon every week to get a new hair do or get their nails done etc. This sole purpose here is looking good and its a general knowledge that women love to look good more than men and so they are willing to pay for it.

One fantastic thing about hair salon / wig making business that every businessman or woman venturing into this business should note is that it doesn’t have season. People will always make their hair or get a new wig or get their manicure or pedicure done. It defiles recession. Sometime ago during the great recession lots of businesses ran out. One of the businesses that was not affected during that time are hair salons. There are young women and girls that don’t joke with their looks and so under any circumstances make their get their hair done and look good.

Just in case you are thinking of venturing into hair salon / wig making business and there are some few question on your mind. Do not worry, by the time you are done reading this article you would have gotten all the answers to your question and you cant wait to start so you can be making money while enjoying what you are doing.

Thing to consider before starting a Hair salon business

Before you jump into this business, there are some key things you must consider. This is vital because you want to go into this business to make money so you must plan and if you don’t you have automatically planned to fail.

Are you running the business yourself? If you are, then that’s a good one, although you will also need extra hands to assist you. The bottom line is that you will be there to oversee the daily activities of the business. But if you do not have the necessary skill. Its important that you get professionals that will do all the work about hair dressing, wig making, pedicure, manicure, etc. And at the end of the day someone who will oversee all of this and report to you.

2. What is your target client base? Now this is a good question that you need to ask yourself before going into this business because it will help you narrow down your thinking process to you ultimate goal and objective and that premium service to your customers and making profit. Identifying your customer base is important because once you have identified them, knowing how to satisfy them will not be difficult.

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Hair Salon

Location – Hair salon / Wig making business needs to be located in an open place that bis easily accessed and people frequent. SO you have to be very strategic on where to located your shop. This is so important. Even though you are very good at what you do, when people find it challenging coming to your business before long you will pack up. So locating your business in a very strategic location will increase your chances of getting more client and thereby making more money.
Whether you are starting a large scale of small scale this is an important aspect of the business that you should not take lightly because a huge part of the success of a business lies on where its located.

Marketing / Publicity – This is another aspect that is very important. Without this your business will not thrive. There are lots of hair salons out there. Whether or not you are better than all of them no one will know if you do not market yourself. You can get a PR to help with it. This is important and one good thing about this is that there are social media that are at your disposal. You have to get your work out there for people to see and patronize you.
There are lost of ways you can do this. Even though social media is a good tool but there are lots of ways you can also use to get your services out there for people see and know how good you are.

Get you equipment – This is vital. Getting all the right equipment for your hair salon will help your business a great deal. People are attracted to shops that has all the necessary equipment they need for their hair. A proper market survey should give you all the list of things you need in your hair salon. DO  not just be a regular hair salon. Go the extra mile, get equipment that you know your clients will be happy to know you have. Its also better when your clients even get to see something new in your salon. That way they know you are good at what you do and you take it very seriously.

Staff – You can run your hair salon all by yourself but you will not make as much as your should when you have extra hands helping you out. Recruit staffs and in doing so get professionals. Before you recruit them test them. See what they are capable of making before giving them the job so they don’t mess up your clients hair. Whether or not you are starting or you have been running your reputation should mean a whole lot to you. A good hair do for a customer can bring several customer to your business. So in recruiting staffs ensure you get professionals or better still those with a little experience.

Business Plan – This is an essential part of this business. Getting a business plan will help you a great deal. A good business plan contains all you need for that business to succeed. This business plan will act like a road map for the business, like your vision and mission for the business, your financial projection and analysis, your method of operation, your Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT), competitive analysis. All of this should be contained in your business plan so you can know the steps and the road to take to be a head of your competitors.

Security – You need a security personnel. This is a way to be cautious. You are expecting different kind of people from all walks of life and its proper to take all precautionary measures so your money, property, or work equipment don’t get stolen. Having security personnel will also make your clients feel safe.

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