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Even planning/management is a skill that can be acquired through proper training, there will always be events because there is always a reason for people to celebrate and this makes Event planning/management a very lucrative business all around the world but on this post I will try to concentrate on Nigeria.


Event Planners and Managers are making fortune and smiling to the bank from from planning, managing and coordinating events and these events can range from weddings, retreats, corporate events, seminars, and so on. The work of the event planners and managers is to organize and manage the details of the events so the organizers would not bother themselves.

How To Be A Good Event Planner/Manager

Event planning/management is a skill and one of the ways to acquire that skill is to work for a reputable event planning and management company. Experience they say is the greatest teacher, six months to one year of learning would help a great deal to learn and master the skill and tactics of this business. A good event planner must have knowledge on sound management, decoration, security, catering, etc so you can provide the best for your clients and keep them coming to you.

To be a good event planner and manager you have to learn how to work under pressure and also to multi task as well, and as time goes on you can hire and train people with relevant and specific job description. This helps to reduce your work load and increase your capability and productivity.

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Determining your niche is very important, to be a good event planner and manager you have to know what you are good at because all events are not the same, there are weddings, exhibitions, carnivals, shows, seminars, birthdays, corporate events, festivals, burials, fairs and lots more, learning the one you can do very well is a good start as time goes on you can expand. All events are not the same so its one step at a time.

To partner with service provider in this business is very important, this service providers are the DJs, decorators caterers, ushering/escort, furniture, even place, hotels, car rentals services etc. Business partnership with this services providers helps to keep your expenses low.

A good event planner must have a good listening kills, learn to ask questions from your clients when you do not understand because you are there to satisfy him.

Finally you must learn to advertise our business, no one will do this for you, for you to get the publicity that you want you have to tell people about your business. After a successful event tell your customer to tell their friends but no one will recommend you if your work is not good. Share your flyers and business cards get your word out there, you can use social media and also your local news outlets, radio and TV.

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