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Complete feasibility study on how to start cucumber farming in Nigeria, This Cucumber Farming and cucumber production Business Plan can be used for Grant Applications, Bank Loans, cucumber production Business in Nigeria is indeed a lucrative business that needs a lot of Planning to start a cucumber farming business

Did you know that cucumber is the 8th most cultivated vegetable in the world right behind Corn( Maize) Sugar Cane, Cassava, Tomatoes Water melon, sweet potatoes and of course onion. Cucumber is one the most popular vegetable sold at various spot in the street and market.
Cucumber Farming is very profitable due to the fact that the vegetable is in high demand due to the fact that it can be eaten wholly or used for salad and other food purposes, it is also very rich in mineral and as such very good for the body.

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Cucumber Farming Feasibility Study

Cucumber farming in Nigeria is simply the cultivation of the cucumber seed and harvesting of the or the purpose of personal consumption or commercial purpose. The botanical name for cucumber is cucumis sativus which is a creeping vine and sprouts out cucmiform fruits that are used as vegetables. They are also scientifically considered as a fruit since they contain enclosed seeds and develop from a flower.

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Opportunities In Cucumber Farming

1). Cucumber As Food:

Cucumbers can be consumed as food and water, Cucumber contains 96% water and can be consumed raw in the form of salad or pickled.

2). Cosmetics:

industrially Cucumbers is also used in the cosmetic and beauty products industry for the production of soaps, lotions, shampoos, and body fragrances.

Benefits Of Cucumber Plants

  • Cucumber are vegetables, but scientifically known as fruits
  • Cucumbers can keep you hydrated since they contain 96% water
  • It has been proven that cucumber can relieve certain pain
  • Cucumber can be used in the Prevention of  constipation
  • Cucumber is  excellent against aging
  • The smell of cucumber helps people relax
  • Keeps the heart healthy
  • Cucumber are antioxidants
  • Cucumbers get rid of bad breath
  • Most of the flavor in a cucumber comes from the seeds
  • They are full of B vitamins and carbohydrates, and so, gives people energy
  • The waxy coating on the outside of a smooth cucumber skin can erase ink
  • Cucumbers have a whole lot of vitamin C in them
  • The cucumber fruit appears 8 to 10 weeks after planting, and one plant produces between 25 to 125 fruit
  • Cucumber is propagated via seed
  • Cucumber is mostly consumed raw or pickled in salads
  • China is the largest manufacturer of cucumbers worldwide
  • Cucumbers are propagated via seed

How To Set Up Your Cucumber Farming Business In Nigeria

1). Farmland:

The first thing you need to acquired before starting a cucumber farm in Nigeria is to get a large suitable a fertile farmland.
For a bountiful harvest a cucumber farm soil should be sited The soil on this land should preferably be sandy-loam and drained, as Cucumbers will usually be planted in raised beds of around 6 inches high.
You cucumber farm of choosing should also have a grate residue of organic matter in it, especially manure, as these will give the plants the nutrients they require to yield a good harvest.
Note: the your cucumber farm should be located at a spot which is well exposed to the sunlight as cucumber strives in warmth and sunlight to grow.

2). Planting The Cucumbers:

The cucumbers seed can first be planted in biodegradable seed pots, indoors, to ensure the roots will not be damaged before being taken outdoors. During planting, a space of about 40 cm should be left between each and should be planted about 2.5 cm deep.

3). Tending To The Cucumber Crops:

While constant  weeding of your cucumber farm is very important, going below a certain cm that would compromise your crop’s growth. To ensure they get juicy and firm, water them weekly. This contributes to the crops’ water content.

4). Harvesting:

After about 50 to 60 days after planting, the cucumbers would have grown to a suitable size that’s large enough for harvest. They are best harvested when they’re still green, because when they turn yellow, the flavor and quality of the fruit decline, making it bitter, sour, or even worse.

The keys to success for the Cucumber Farming and processing business include:

  1. Strict financial controls.
  2. Ensuring that all customer’s needs are met and they are satisfied with the purchased products.
  3. Maintenance of Hygienic, safe and human friendly processing facility.
  4. Acquire necessary regulatory licence for our farm.
  5. Offer consistently quality processed products


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