Today in Nigeria cosmetics business is one of the trending business most especially for young ladies but you would be surprised to know that cosmetic business is one of the biggest business in Nigeria. The market is very large, lot of people think cosmetics business is all about makeup and facials, to some its about skincare, hair oil, body soap but cosmetic is much more than all of this, its all encompassing.

Makeup and skincare are part of cosmetics, cosmetics is everything that has to do with looking good and keeping the skin healthy.

Every body want to look good for some looking good is to impress other people, to other looking good is just what they like doing so there are different reasons why people look good most especially for women and that is the reason why cosmetics business is one of the fast growing business not just in Nigeria but in the world at large.

Cosmetics Business Plan in Nigeria this Feasibility study on Cosmetics Business is essential when setting up a cosmetic / beauty shop and can be used for Grant Applications, Bank Loans, Proposal writing, Business Concept Note, Competitions etc. Cosmetics Business Plan is a lucrative business that needs a lot of strategic Planning to start and a business.

Like you already know starting a cosmetic business in nigeria can be very profitable and as such it requires proper research and planing to make a fortune from your cosmetic and beauty products business

Gone are the days where people see cosmetic as a thing of luxury or show off, today is an everyday thing. Years back there were people who only visited a beauty house once in a month but today they visit every weekend s this goes a long way to tell you that the level at which people use cosmetic years ago can not be compared to how cosmetic is used today and that is why it is a very profitable business to invest in.

Cosmetic helps to keep the skin healthy and this is necessary for good hygiene. The good thing about this business is that it has the capacity to span across Nigeria especially when you make beauty and skin care products.

According to research about 60 per cent of Africa’s population is young and are focused on looking good so this automatically increases the demand for cosmetic products.

There are different areas of cosmetic business. Like I said before cosmetic business is a large business and each class is very profitable. Below are areas of cosmetic business.

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Cosmetics Feasibility Study

In Nigeria and even the world at large cosmetic products are one of the most essential commodity that every person can not do without. when you ask an average person on the street if he or she did you use soap to take their bath this morning? Or after taking having bath did you use some cream on your body and some hair cream on your hair? you will find out that 8 out of 10 person apply Cosmetics/ beauty products on the body daily.

Most persons might mistake cosmetic to be makeup, rather it is the other way around as makeup is just a small brand of the cosmetic industry

It is said that looking good is good business and a testament to that quotes is the fact that the fashion design and cosmetic and beauty business is the fastest and lucrative sector anybody can venture into and make huge profit.
On a daily basis more beauty and cosmetic products are been ushered into the country.
cosmetic business boom has seen the introduction of different body lotions to hair growth creams and serums to skin lightening products and even bathing soaps, deodorants and perfumes which are always in high demand among women and men alike

Why You Should Start A Cosmetic Business In Nigeria Today

knowing how profitable the cosmetic business in Nigeria can be a very motivation factor and why you should stat a cosmetic product business in Nigeria today.
Several entrepreneurs who have recognized the profitability of running a beauty and cosmetic product have invested massively into the beauty sector and are surly reaping millions in profit.

Cosmetics are no longer a thing of luxury  and looking good is now every ones business. There was a time when when the rich and middle class when seen as the ones consigned with the  use of cosmetics product but now they are used by all and sundry and that on a daily basis

60% of Africa’s population is young and focused on looking good.  It is estimated that 60% of Africa’s population is less than the age of 25 years and women account for 39% of this youthful population.

Nigeria women spend money to look good. The women who are the major purchasers of cosmetic products now fall into the working class category more than the last thirty years. This means they have more money at their disposal to spend.

Personal hygiene and beauty products are required in our every day life activity. Looking good goes beyond make up as you’ll need soap to bath, body lotion for a healthy skin perfumes and deodorants to smell nice and the demand of all this cosmetic products means that entrepreneurs can make massive income

Cosmetic Products Entrepreneurs Can Invest In

Makeup – This is the area of cosmetic that is strictly for women. Makeup is used to beautify faces, eyes, lips, nails. Gone are the days where people used makeup occasionally today it is seen as an everyday thing. Some of the makeup products mostly used are mascara, foundation, eyeliner, lipsticks etc.

Cosmetic Lotions & Skin Care Products:

Every one always want their skin to be soft radiant and practice people want to feel good in their own skin and their are a wide range of lotions that can help you achieve a soft glowing skin, there are even some that might like to tone the color of their skin a little and their are also lotions that could help you achieve that.

Skin Care cut across both male and female. It is regarded as the largest area in cosmetic business. There different products involved in this and new ones are being manufactured everyday. There are different products that are used in this area of cosmetic and they are creams, body lotions, facial cleansers, scrubs, anti-wrinkle creams, anti-aging creams, skin lightening formulas, toners, and lots more.
For the cosmetic and beauty product seller, this need equates more money to your account provided you have the lotions this set of people need. These products includes bleaching cream, moisturizing cream, age defying cream, anti acne cream among others.

Fragrances and Deodorants

This can be divided into three parts and they are; roll on, body spray and perfumes. They are used so as to always smell good and nice and also prevent the body from emitting offensive odour.

Hair care As you know, there is a new trend about Brazilian, Peruvian and other kinds of hair as well as products that can make the hair longer and thicker. The demand for human hair in Nigeria has skyrocketed. Every young girl in Nigeria wants to have a Brazilian hair and other type of expensive human hair that are available in the market. This has made the area of cosmetic business very profitable as well. However hair care also involves hair products like shampoo, beauty oil for oil, conditioners, relaxer, conditioners, dyes, and styling products which are needed daily.

Starting A Cosmetic Business in Nigeria A-Z

Writing a cosmetic and beauty product business plan does not automatically guarantee that you cosmetic business would be a total success as there are many factors that will determine if indeed you become successful in such venture, But not writing or having a feasibility study sample business plan is a shortcut to failure

Cosmetic Business Start Up Capital

You can start a cosmetic business with a small amount of money and then grow it with time, but as you already know your start up capital reflects the profit margin you may get from your cosmetic business.
cosmetic business can be start with as low as N50,000, on a medium scale you can start with N500,000 – N1 million, and on a large scale you can start with N10 – N20 million. F

Cosmetic Shop/Business Location

one of the most important aspect of any business is the sighting of your business and in this case your cosmetic shop. i would advise you to rent a shop in a busy area where you are certain to make more sales.

Where To Buy Your Cosmetic Products

There are different markets where you can easily access to buy cosmetic and beauty products, and those market are as follows in Nigeria, the Mushin market, the Dosunmu market in Lagos Island, Balogun market also in Lagos Island, Trade Fair market along Badagry Expressway. All of these market are located in Lagos State.

Before venturing into this business get a good business plan and a feasibility study report. A cosmetics business plan will give you the roadmap of the business. A well written business plan should contain all you need to know with current market analysis, financial projections, marking strategy, etc. You can meet an expert to write the plan for you or you can place an order for a well written cosmetic business plan and feasibility study report.

Table of Content

Executive Summary
Business Description
Products and services
Competitive Advantage
Market Research
Competitor Analysis
Sales and Marketing Plan
Operational Plan
Business Risk
Management and Structure
Financial Plan and Projections

Get Your Cosmetics Business Plan in Nigeria / Feasibility Report. To place an order, pay N10,000 to

GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)
Account Name – Uwadia Eyemeka
Account No – 0127561472

After payment text your name, your e-mail address and bank teller number to 07036785443 and you’ll receive it in your email

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