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Cold Room business which can also be called Frozen Foods business is a profitable venture to start in Nigeria. There are lots of successful men and women who started this business a long time ago and now they are multi millionaires, you too can also become a millionaire if you start and start now. There is so much to learn about this business hence the reason for this article.

This article is meant to expose you to some of the important things about Cold Room business; it doesn’t substitute the need to have a well written business plan and feasibility study for the business. However it contains important highlights about cold room business in Nigeria.

A cold room is a container used for cooling, preserving and storing perishable goods such fish, meat, chicken turkey, etc from getting bad.

Types of Cold Rooms

There different capacities of cold room, from 3tons to 500tons available in the market. There are local ones and foreign ones. The locally built cold rooms are cheaper than the foreign ones. The locally built cold rooms are also cheaper to maintain than the foreign ones.

You can get locally fabricated cold room from 2 million – 100 million depending what you have in mind to start. Whether you are starting a small or large scale cold room business there is still lots of profit to be made.

It is very uncommon for people to have their meal without fish, meat except for vegetarians. The way these to preserve, fish, meat, chicken, turkey which consumed in homes hotels and restaurants is by cold room this is the reason why this business is so profitable because the consumption of daily meals depend on this business.

There would always be need for frozen food, this is not just limited to Nigeria but it’s a global business so if you are considering of starting this business then you are in the right page. First of all you must choose the niche you want to venture into.

There different food products you can choose from. There are fish; meat and poultry, there are fruit products, and also vegetables and so much more. You can choose to go into all the areas or anyone of your choice.

If you want to go into fish, meat and poultry, you can buy these items from dealers like from abattoir or from poultry farming and stock in your cold room, you can also purchase these items from importers and stock them in your cold room and resell to retailers. You can also choose to just store these items in your cold room and get paid for it without selling to anyone. It’s not a must that you sell to retailers.

There are cold room business owners, all they do is store up these items for wholesalers and retailers who are into this business and at the end of the day they also get paid.

Before choosing the area of cold room business you want to start, it’s also always better you have done your research. This is very important because it would expose you to all you need to know about the market before venturing into it. You can write a business plan on cold room business or have someone experts do it for you. A business plan will give you the guide on how to grow your business. There are no successful business out there today that didn’t start out with a good business plan and feasibility study. This is something you have to take very seriously.

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Cold Room Feasibility Study

Conducting a market survey should be some of the first steps taken before starting the business. The only way you can know what to expect from your city or state is a proper market survey that will show you how to can navigate the challenges and thrive in the line of business. Some of the important things about feasibility study will do for you are show the level of competition in your city or state so you can be aware of how to handle them and do better.

Power supply is an important aspect of this business. There would be no cold room is there isn’t a constant power supply. There is no need relying on the power distribution company in you city for this business else you would fail. You will have to generate your own power supply and supplements it with the normal state electricity if they really stable so as to cut cost.


This is a very important part of this business because your location determines the kind of access you will have. It will be nice if you are located close to a market so customer can easily but from you and take to the market or place where consumer can easily have access you.
A cold room business doesn’t need to be setup in residential areas because of the generators and equipment you need to power it.

Power Supply

This is the most important thing about this business. It is not a cold room when there is no constant power supply. Like I earlier mention you do not need to rely on the power distribution company in the state or city. Get a sound proof generator so you can prevent sound pollution. The scale you going into determines the kind of generator you should get but it’s important to get a generator that can power the cold room efficiently.

Distributors and Retailers

You have to contact restaurants, market women, hotels, supermarkets, shopping malls and so on. There are your potential customers and they need to know you render this services so they can patronize you. Once these folks are aware of what you do they can make your business grow faster.


This essential to the growth of this business, people need to know you and there are no other way to let them know other than marketing. There are several mediums you can use to market your business. You can use any means to advertise based on your budget but whatever way you choose to ensure its effective because no matter how good your business is if people don’t know you exist they can’t patronize you.

Register your business

If you starting this business on a small scale you might not need a license to start but if you are starting on a large scale with a standard cold room, it’s very important that you haven’t registered with the cooperate affairs commission. You also need to register with local authorities as well so as to avoid any unnecessary drama.

Staring a cold room business can be capital intensive depending on the scale you want to start. If you capital is low you might want to consider buying a small cold room or few industrial freezers to begin with. There is nothing wrong starting small and growing you business.

Cold Room or frozen food business is a very profitable business in Nigeria whether you are buying and selling frozen chicken, turkey, meat, fish etc, or whether you are helping others to preserve their items in your cool store, whichever you decide to go into its fine because the competition in the line of business is still low.

There are several cold room construction companies in Nigeria. The best ones are the ones who do not only have the technical expertise to construct machines and sell but also can offer warranty and after sales support from installations to maintenance.

There are companies that offer Sourcing of products to linkages to poultry farms. They also offer marketing tips to guarantee successful in this line of business.

To get Your Cold Room Business Plan in Nigeria, place an order, pay N10,000 to

GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)
Account Name – Uwadia Eyemeka
Account No – 0127561472

After payment text your names and your e-mail address to 07036785443 and you’ll receive the Cold Room Business Plan in Nigeria & Feasibility Study in your email.

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