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Coconut oil production business in Nigeria is one of the profitable businesses to start moat especially which the growing population of the country and the recent happenings. There different ways to start this business, is either you start a small scale or large scale coconut oil production. The small scale is less capital intensive and can be easily managed but for large scale coconut oil production the use of machine is necessary so as to aid your production process in large quantities.

Coconut oil production can be either home made or factor made but if you intend to do this business in a big way, it’s better you out well with all the necessary information and equipment you need to run the business.

The reason why this is a profitable business in Nigeria is because everyone is aware of the rich benefits of coconut oil oil, most especially the role it plays on our hair and skin. Coconut oil is in almost every home in Nigeria because we know the importance of it.

Cosmetics companies are beauty salons use coconut oil as part of their main ingredients as skin and hair treatment, sometimes it’s combined with some other material to get a specific solution to apply on the hair or on the skin. All of these tells you how well coconut oil is need in our daily lives. The fascinating thing about coconut oil is that is they are expensive one litre of coconut oil can priced for as high as five thousand naira so imagine you produce tons of coconut oil every week in your company, imagine how much you could be making b just selling a litre or rather other smaller containers.

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Coconut Oil Production Feasibility Study

In 2015 – 2016, the export volume of coconut oil was estimated at 3.35 million metric tons and in the following year, Nigeria produced over 240,000 metric tons out of the 3.46 million metric tons that was exported to other countries. The market for this business is enjoying steady growth year in and year out. There is indeed a high demand for coconut oil not just in Nigeria but the world at large because of the awareness of its health benefits.

Several entrepreneurs has already taken advantage of this high demand to to ensure that there is a constant flow of coconut oil yet the demand is still higher than the supplies which why other smart Nigerians are venturing in the line of business.

Coconut oil is a consumable oil that is extracted from the meat or kernel of matured coconuts and these matured coconuts are harvested from matured coconut palm tree. Coconut oil is resistant to rancid, has high saturated fat, it is slow to oxidise and can last up to six months at a temperature of 24 degree Celsius.

If you are thinking of starting this business then you are on the right track because the cost coconut oil production and the risk involved in this line of business is not high when compared to that of there businesses.

Before you go into this line of business, ensure u have already conducted your feasibility study to know what to expect. Do not start without having a comprehensive business plan because a business plan is like a road map that would help you know all the necessary steps to take to grow then business.

Types of Coconut Oil

There several types of coconut oil but in this article we will discuss very briefly about four types. These are the most common ones we have and they are Virgin coconut oil (vco), Pure coconut oil (Poc) Fractionalized coconut oil, (Fco) and Red bleached de-oxidised.

Virgin Coconut Oil – The fresh coconut meat known as the copra is used in extracting the oil, this extraction is done through a mechanical means. This process doesnt involve high heat so that all the nutritional values can be preserved. The kernel is crushed and the screen press is applied to extract the oil.

There are different method to crush the kernel, there is a wet method and also a dry method. The wet method produces less oil while the dry method produce more however the difference is not that much. The we process requires more energy than the dry process before you can extract the oil.

Virgin coconut oil enhances human immunity, this is one of the unique things about virgin coconut oil. It protects the skin again germs. It can also be used for cooking, it contains vitamin, anti oxidation properties and several minerals.

Pure coconut oil – This type of coconut oil has short shelf live because of the process it goes through to be extracted. This is made from the meat of the coconut which is also called copra that has been exposed to impurities like mold. It could also pass through solar, kiln, smoke drying to reduce the impurities. Filtration method is used to refine the oil.

Fractionalised Coconut oil – Here a little percentage of the oil undergoes hydrolysis after extraction when water is added to it.

Red bleached De-Oxidised – Chemical solvent and heat are added to the so as to eliminate the impurities, smell and taste. Once it’s refined it has more nutritional value than the virgin coconut oil. It is processed by using haxane as a solvent to extract the oil. The importance oil gotten through this process is ten times more than those gotten from expellers and Millers.

Benefits of Coconut Oil

There are lots of benefits of coconut oil which include nutritional benefits, health benefits, economic benefits. Part of the health benefits is the presence of fatty acids which protect the skin again germs, below are some of the skin benefits of coconut oil

It controls ageing and reduces wrinkles

Treats eczema and soothes dryness

Soothes irritation from rash and serves as a deep conditioner

It serves as a body moisturizer

It can help to clean the face and also to remove eye makeup.

It contains natural antioxidants and nutrients like vitamin K, E and iron.

It prevents breakage of hair and fights infections due to the presence of anti fungal antioxidants, antibacterial, antibacterial and antiviral properties.

The benefits of coconut oil is endless, the list goes on and on.

Challenges of coconut oil production

Here is a list of challenges associated with coconut oil production

Lack of experience

Poorly managed supply chain

Lack of finance

High cost of Production.

Then method of processing coconut oil through industrial process involves the following;

Pretreatment of coconut, extraction of oil and refining the oil. All of these are done through the help of the machines involved in the production process. There different sections in the machine, it moves from one stage to another until it gets to the finish product. There are, crushing section, cooking and roasting section, then, the pre press section, then the final press section. From there it goes to the coconut cake receiver, from there to the crude oil filter section, then the degumming section to the deacidification section, from there to the decolorization section then to the deodorizing section and to the last but not the least the final processed oil.


The demand for coconut oil is growing by the day not just in Nigeria but globally. That means that you can produce for exports but also you can produce for those in your city, state or even distribute to different cities and states in the country. You can supply to pharmaceutical industries, cosmetics industries and food companies. You can also supply to market women, supermarkets, homes and individual, there several wholesalers and retailers tat would want to buy from you.

Your marketing strategies has to be good, this is the reason why getting a business plan for the business is important because there you would get to know about the sales and marketing strategies to employ.

To get your Coconut Oil Production Business Plan in Nigeria, place an order, pay N10,000 to
GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)
Account Name – Uwadia Eyemeka
Account No – 0127561472

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