Coconut Chips Production

This Coconut Chips Production Business Plan in Nigeria can be used for Bank Loans, Business Grants, Proposal writing, Business Concept Note, Competitions etc. Coconut chips Business can be a lucrative business provided you have good strategy for marketing your fried Coconut chips.

Coconut Chips business is a very profitable business so if you considering going into this business then this article is for you. In this article you learn some of the basic thing you need to know about Coconut chips production business in Nigeria.

Coconut chips production business in Nigeria does not necessary require intensive capital to start however you need a reasonable amount of money to start so you have an edge over your competitors in this line of business.

One of the major criteria you need to have in starting a business is determination and all the necessary knowledge about the business so the best thing to do before venturing into this line of business is to conduct a good feasibility study on Coconut chips production and have a good business plan on Coconut chips production.

1.0 Executive Summary Keys to Success Products Market Financial Considerations
1.1 Objectives
1.2 Mission
2.0 Company Summary
3.0 Products
4.0 Market Analysis Summary
4.1 Market Segmentation
4.2 Target Market Segment Strategy
4.3 Industry Analysis
4.3.1 Competition and Buying Patterns
5.0 Strategy and Implementation Summary
5.1 Sales Strategy
5.2 Marketing Strategy
5.3 Competitive Edge
6.0 Management Summary
6.1 Personnel Plan
6.2 manpower requirements
6.3 man power budget
7.0 key financial management controls
8.0 Projected financial statements
8.1 Application of funds
8.2 operating and maintenance costs budget
8.3 projected profit on 12months
8.4 income statement projections

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Coconut Chips Feasibility Study

Firstly you have to look for a Coconut market where you buy in bulk, you can either locate a Coconut market or a Coconut farm. Coconut farming has made it easy for those in this business to thrive because they make Coconut available so you can make arrangement with them and they bring supplies to you from time to time, its also cheaper when you do it like this. There are some things you need to make Coconut chips, like I said before this business is not capital intensive.

In Coconut chips production you need matured Coconut, vegetable oil, and other ingredients.
One way to be successful in this business is your packaging. Ensure after processing your Coconut chips, package it very well. It is very important that you brand your Coconut chips so as to make it appealing to the eyes.

To succeed in any business is having good sales and marketing strategy. No one will know how good your product is if they do not know you exist in the first place so you need to have a good sales and marketing strategy, there some vital marketing strategy you should employ. These strategies are listed in our Coconut chips production business plan. Coconut chips are consumed nationwide. It does not matter where you are, people love Coconut chips and that is why it is a very profitable business.
You can start coconut chips business from the confines your home; you don’t necessarily need huge capital to start a profitable Coconut chip business in Nigeria.

In Nigeria starting a coconut chips business just like any other business venture requires boldness and determination and most importantly the a comprehensive business plan, because a business plan is a like a roadmap to guide you in steps to take.

One of the most important things you need to do is to get a nearby Coconut market or farm where you can buy the Coconut in large quantities, you can as well visit a Coconut farm to make arrangement for supply of Coconuts

Coconut Chips Processing

Below are some of the items you need for processing your Coconut into Coconut chips Bowl-a big bowl for washing Coconut

Frying pan for frying the sliced Coconut

Water – for washing the Coconut and other things

Sieve – to drain out water from the sliced Coconut before frying

Frying spoon – to bring out the fried chips from the oil Charcoal/gas for fire

Coconut cutter – some people could decide to use knife or Coconut cutters, but i would advise you to get a Coconut Cutter which is specially made for Coconut chips. This cutter device slices the Coconut uniformly according to your desired size and pattern.

Why You Should Do Coconut Chips Business in Nigeria

Coconut chips is one of the widely consumed snack in Nigeria, people love coconut chips and will consume Coconut chips and for this reason the profitability of the Coconut chips business cannot be over emphasized. Trust me Coconut chips business is one of the easiest and comfortable businesses you can start with ease.

Selling / Marketing your Coconut Chips

Coconut chips is a hot selling commodity in Nigeria, when marketing your coconut chip, you can decide to sell at N50 and N100 depending on your packaging and your location. A big pack of Coconut chips sells at N100 and as such you need to do a market analysis to see the pack that sells most in your location. If you are planning to become a big time dealer in your city or state, then its important that you reach out to retailers like provision stores, shopping malls, supermarkets and so on. You can distribute your branded and well packaged Coconut chips to small and large stores. If you want to take your city or state you have to do a good market analysis to know the pack that will sell most in your location.

Benefits Of Coconut Chips Production

Business Coconut chips business does not need huge capital to start up.

Coconut chips business can start from your kitchen.

Coconut chips production involves the use of little equipment. You do not need to be a manufacturer to sell and brand your own Coconut chips.

Our Coconut Chips Production Business Plan in Nigeria can be used for bank loans, proposal writing and grant applications. The Coconut Chips Production business plan was complied after a thorough feasibility study on Coconut Chips Production Business in Nigeria was done.

To get your Coconut Chips Production Business Plan in Nigeria, place an order, pay N10,000 to
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