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Cleaning service business has grown to be one of the top paying businesses in Nigeria, gone are the days when people though this business were for just hungry people trying to make ends meet.

Nowadays, there are several big time cleaning service business that is been run by smart Nigerians and they are making so much at the end of every week and month as the case may be. These companies make millions at the end of the year so if you thinking of venturing into cleaning business you are already on the right track by being here.

Cleaning service business is not a new business; it’s been existing in the western world not until several years ago some Nigerians tapped into this line of business. Growth and civilization has led to more companies and cooperation being established leading to the constant rise of cleaning service business.

Households, companies, hotels, churches, schools now use the services of these companies to keep their surroundings clean. Most of the big time hotels, cooperation, schools churches are constantly patronizing the services of these cleaning agencies.

There are individuals who spend lots of hours working, some of them do not have the time to clean their own homes so the demand for cleaning services is not just restricted to big time cooperation, hotels, school and so on, even private individuals also make use of this services.

Looking at the large and growing number of all the organizations that need cleaning services it is safe to say that it’s a very lucrative business and a highly competitive one. This means that to stand out from the crowd you have all the necessary information as regards this business.

This article will be addressing some of the important thing you need so you can be successful in this business. There are so many businesses that have closed up today because they didn’t start out with the right information, they didn’t conduct research to know all they should about the business and today they are no more. To be a successful cleaning service business these are highlights of some important steps to take.

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Cleaning Service Feasibility Study

This is an important aspect of the business. The state or city you want to start, you need to know how you can successfully run your business and be of benefit to the society. If you cannot conduct the feasibility study get someone that can for you so you can know exactly what you are dealing with.

Get a Business Plan

This is the secret of most successful business and so you shouldn’t ignore it, some businesses that would have done well if they started with the right materials. A good business plan will help you get all the right material, know your competitors. A good business plan contains executive summary, method of operations, sales and marketing strategies, SWOT, market analysis, financial projections break-even analysis and lots more.

In conducting a good market research which would be contained either in the feasibility study or business plan, location is very important factor because this will inform you of what is feasible in your state so you can know what exactly to expect, your competitors and also your potential clients.

The plan for the business should contain both your short term goals and your long term goals as well. A comprehensive business plan should cover all the areas of cleaning services you intend to offer to your clients. Whether It’s Residential cleaning, Real Estate cleaning, Post Construction cleaning, Move in and Out cleaning, After Party cleaning, Decluttering etc, all of these should be clear cut in your in the plan. Your future plans should also be included whether you are spreading to other locations or adding some extra service to the business.

The fact remains that setting up a cleaning and maintenance services is capital intensive but this depends on the level you want to operate. The kind of equipment you are getting for the business matters a lot; there are some cleanings that needs special equipment. Also you need workforce, you have to employ people you will be paying, all these should be part of your financial considerations which should be included in the financial projections of the plan. If you are getting a loan, grant maybe you are using your own money these areas are important.

To have successful in cleaning and maintenance business you must build your reputation and it has to do with the way you present your service to your clients. People love to work with professionals and you cannot afford to be seen otherwise because will not respect you. Some rule should apply to those you employ. In cleaning and maintenance service you have to be meticulous, every detail matter. You could train your staffs, teach them how to use the equipment so when delivering services nothing but the best can be gotten from them.

It is also important to find out if the clients are satisfied with your provided service. Their feedback is also important because that what they would tell their friends or colleagues.
It is not enough to just start a cleaning service business; people would not know if the business exists if you do not tell them. This is why advertising is so important. You might have all the equipment, workforce and you are really skilled at what you do but if you do not advertise yourself no one would know you. You services can also advertise you but before you render your services someone has to know what you actually do. This is why the importance of advertising can never be overemphasized. There are several ways you could advertise your business, and in advertising you have to be detailed so your clients would know exactly what you do.

There are several ways you can advertise, and get the attention you deserve. Social media is one of the ways you can do that.

This is a very profitable business; so much can made in a short space of time if you know what you are doing. Like in every business there are also challenges. This is why you need a roadmap to show you what to do and how to avoid unnecessary risk.

To thrive in a business is information and cleaning service business is not an exception. You may know something about the business but it’s not enough, you can know more, if this is something you want to do it’s important to be ahead of it so every new equipment out there that would make your work good and easy get them. It’s okay to start small but with directions you can grow your small or medium cleaning service business in a household name.

Register your business

This is an important aspect; to register your business with CAC is not a difficult thing these days. It’s important because you do not want to be shut down by regulators.

Get our detailed and updated Cleaning Service Business Plan in Nigeria, it cover all aspects of cleaning services such as Residential Cleaning, Real Estate cleaning, Post Construction cleaning, Move in and Out cleaning, After Party cleaning, Decluttering and lots more.

To get Your Cleaning Service Business Plan in Nigeria. To place an order, pay N10,000 to

GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)
Account Name – Uwadia Eyemeka
Account No – 0127561472

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