Chin-chin Business Plan in Nigeria

Chin-Chin Production

Chin-chin Business Plan in Nigeria and How to sell packaged chin chin and make massive profit in Nigeria selling Chin-chin which is one of the made-in-Nigeria snacks like plantain chips

This Feasibility study on packaged Chin-chin Business Plan is well researched and can be used for Grant Applications, Bank Loans, Proposal writing, Business Concept Note. selling packaged Chin-chin is a lucrative business that needs a lot of strategic Planning to be successful and with our packaged Chin-Chin business plan in Nigeria you will get know all the necessary steps to make some good cash in this business.

Packaged Chin-chin Business Plan in Nigeria Table of content

Executive Summary

Products and services
Market Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Sales and Marketing Plan

Operational Plan
Management plan

Financial Plan and Projections

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Although it has a funny name”chin chin” It is a crunchy made in Nigeria snack that is most in-demand due to the fact that both kids and adults enjoy eating. Chin chin taken as an appetizer while waiting for the main food to come, its also served at various occasion ranging from birthdays to marriages or any other event where small chops are served. there is actually no shop or super market, mall or shop in Nigeria that you will  walk into without seeing packaged chin chin in their different sizes.


Batter- it is a semi liquid mixture of flour, eggs, milk or water. It can also be used for coating food for frying.

Folding- it is gently and gradually adding in flour in an already mixed batter. It is more of gentle mixing technique.

Recipe- It is a set of direction with a list of ingredients for making or preparing something especially food or you call it a cook book.

Kneading- this is to mix or work into a uniform mass as by folding, pressing and stretching with arm.

Knock back or knocking back- it is getting rid of all the excess air, produced by the yeast as it raise the dough. To lightly knead a yeast or light a dough

Chin Chin Production Feasibility Study

The profitability margin of selling packaged chin-chin is quite interesting and chin chin production can be started with just a small startup capital. Chin chin production business is actually rather easy to start and managed. Apart from getting our Chin-chin business plan, it also very important to be trained by a professional so that you can learn how to produce tasty chin chin

The amount needed to startup the business depends on the scale you intend to but generally speaking Chin chin business does not require too much startup capital, with as little as #20,000 you can start the chin chin production business on a small-scale. Then for a large-scale from #100,000 and above is okay for a start


The business is extremely profitable in the sense that you are sure of 50% return on investment. There are ways you can increase profits in chin chin business. One of the ways to increase profit is by buying things in bulk. Here are some of the things you can buy in bulk: flour and sugar can be bought in bags, margarine can be bought in bucket example topper margarine.

Another way is by baking the chin chin instead of frying them because frying them will consume a lot of oil so in other to be economical you use an oven to bake them.

This is how to do it, spray oil on the pan you want to use and then pour the already prepared chin chin into the pan cover and bake it in the oven if you don’t have oven then you can use a very big pot just put stones in the pot and put the pan containing the chin chin to be baked inside on top of the stone, cover the pan with foil and place the pot on top of the fire, keep monitoring the chin chin in the pot when it turns brown you bring it down.

Business Description of Chin-chin Business Plan in Nigeria
Business: Chin-chin
Industry: Food Processing (Business Plan in Nigeria)

Chin Chin Business plan: irrespective if you plan on start your packaged chin chin business on a small or larges scale, you still need a business plan to guide your decisions. As the popular saying goes, “ he who fails to plan has planned to fail”. A business plan will help you set achievable goals and also develop ideas to meet the goals

Feasibility studies or feasibility analysis provides analysis for your proposed business, project if the project is going to be viable and possible . A feasibility analysis will help you know if your budgeted capital will be enough to see the business through start up or establishment. A feasibility studies will also help you understand whether there will be need for your business to be registered before it can function. A feasibility studies therefore, will help you answer if your chin chin business production will work if you put all the factors and resources available to set up the business.

For the remaining part of this packaged chin chin business Plan, including the detailed financial analysis, etc.

GET YOUR Chin-chin Business Plan in Nigeria. To place an order, pay N10,000 to

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Account Name – Uwadia Eyemeka
Account No – 0127561472

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