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Catering Business Plan in Nigeria – Gone are the days where both young girls and boys rely on your mother to teach them how to cook. Cooking is not only for women, in this this day and age it is for both men and women and as a matter of facts there are more men as chefs than women.

Food is an essential part of life and so everyone needs food. Good food as a matter of facts and that is reason catering is becoming more popular this days than ever before. Catering service is the answer to million of prayers who is looking to learn how to cook, bake and so on and that is why the catering business has become of of the most lucrative business to venture into.

Well, there are lots of persons that love cooking, some might even say cooking is part of their hobbies. There also some that would say they love to bake and they even know how to make all manner of things. This could just be a sign for you that maybe catering service is a field that you are called to be on. On this post. You will learn lots of thing about catering service business so that if you want to go into this business, it wouldn’t be difficult.

What is Catering – Basically, Catering is providing of food at a social even or gather whether at hospital, hotels, weddings, birthday parties, etc. Most people have allowed only the area of food come to their minds when discussing catering. Catering is also a decoration, setting table and other trifles. that is passed on agreement. Please make no mistakes about this. There are lots of difference between catering business and event planning and management. Even though they part of what they entails are the same but they are not the same generally.

If you already own a catering service or you are yet to start, one thing is needful. catering service business plan because this is one kind of business that you need to do following the rules so you can maximize your profit and take your business to a whole new level.

Catering service is providing food both for indoor and outdoor. This business is mostly recommended for people that have passion for cooking and baking because passion is one of the criteria to thrive in this business.

There different types of catering, but which ever one you want to go into do the needful, gather all the required materials. If you are starting a small catering business or a large scale catering service business you need a good and comprehensive business plan. Like they always say. A business plan is like a roadmap for your business so whether you have started or yet to start irrespective of the kind of scale you are starting do well to get one. It really helps.

Catering Feasibility Study

There are lost of reasons why catering business is a good business and can fetch you a fortune is the shortest possible time. The list is endless but here are some few ones we have put together for you.

1. Catering service is not capital intensive. Well this depends on the scale you want to start. Whether you are starting from the confides of your house, or you are renting a big complex for it that’s totally up to you but the point here is that you can start up your catering business from the confines of your house.

2. License needed. Like other businesses in Nigeria where you will need to get your license from the authorities and without that you can not do anything, well catering service business is not like that, although you need your certification and your license to start or run your business is very important.

3. There is high demand for food. This is one of the most interesting part of this businesses because there is a wide range of clients waiting for you. Humans need food and as a matter of fact, the need can never be over emphasized. With a good marketing strategy there are no limits to your customer base. There are events happening on daily basis, parties, meetings, etc. So whether you are supplying a hotel or a company or a firm, the list is on and on.

4. You can do this business part time. This doesn’t require your full time. You can decide to do it full time of course but its a kind of businesses that can avail you time for yourself. However the decision is all yours whether you want to do it full time or part time. The bottom line is you are rendering service and making our money.

5. Catering business can market itself. This is one good thing about catering service business it has the ability to sell itself. Please do not get me wrong you need to employ good marketing strategy to take your business to the next level but if what you are selling is not good. You will not make as much as you should.

How to Start Catering Business

Catering business is not for everyone. Whether or not you know how to cook doesn’t mean catering business is for you. One of the most needful requirement for this business is your passion for your art. You must really love and enjoy what you do else you wouldn’t make much from this. Once you have gotten this part right. The next one is planning and getting all the necessary materials needed for the business. What you have in mind should come into focus.

1. Skill and Certification – This part is very essential part of this business. You have to be versatile. Before taking the steps of starting a catering business you have to have the technical know how. The numbers of clients you expect to have already believe there you know everything they need to learn. And you must not disappoint them. Your culinary skill is even more important than money you put into the business because what sustains you is your skill together with your passion even before the place is filled up with client and list to customer to satisfy.

2. Focus – There different types of catering service. There are Wedding catering service, Corporate catering service, Cocktail reception or catering, Bento catering, Buffet catering, Sit-down catering, Petite Take-Away Buffet catering. You can go into all of this but you can also narrow it down to what you have in mind and you you thing you can be able to execute with professionalism and exceptionalism.

3. Create Menu – This is an essential part of the business. You have to create your own menu. Most of your prospective client will ask to see your menu. This menu should contain the different food that you can make available along with the price charge for each of them. Do not be to elaborate. Keep it simple so as they go through they will be able to understand.

4. Location / Accessibility – This is an extremely important aspect of every business so catering business is not an exception. You location is a key factor whether you business will be profitable or not. When you are located in a place you someone can easily access this is a good advantage for your business. No one likes coming to a place that is hard to locate or not easily accessed. I have seen good businesses sink for locating their business in a very bad environment where people find it hard to access. This a key factor to this business and should not be taken lightly.

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5. keep the Place clean – Catering business is under the food and Health authority and they send their officials to inspect the place. You do not what you business closed down because it fails to meet the hygiene requirement. Extra care should be put in place to ensure that the place is kept clean.

6. Business Plan – One of the ways to start catering business and make giant strides in the shortest possible time is having a good workable catering business plan. This is so essential, whether or you have started your catering service business you need a good business plan that will help you. I know there some Nigerians out there that things, well, a business plan is not for you but you couldn’t be more wrong. You need a business plan. All the successful business you know and can think of started with a business plan because without out that how can you know what to expect, how to and turbulence when there arise. You need this guide to show you the way, what to expect and how to handle your business even when it has grown beyond what you expected.
There are lots of people out there that are doing the same business as you, so you can either get a comprehensive business plan so you can be ahead of your competitors. This is one of the surest way you can do it. You can place your order for our Catering business plan, its very comprehensive and its a BOI standard.

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