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Cashew Nuts Processing business plan in Nigeria is available; it is regularly updated and can be used to for grants, bank loans, proposals etc. Also this article will help you with some important information you need to know about this business.

Nigeria is blessed with good soil and vast lands; this is the reason why agricultural sector is one of the largest sectors adding to the country’s economy. Before the discovery of oil in Nigeria, the country’s economy was agriculture, and cashew nuts were one of the main cash crops. It was used both locally and then exported to other countries of the world. Today it is still the same but now been run by some private individuals who were smart enough to invest and start off this business big time and now they are making so much and smiling to the bank every now and then. You too can be a part of this. If you are considering of starting this business, I’m pleased to inform you that you are on the right track and by the end of this article, you will be aware of some of the necessary steps to take so you too can succeed in this line of business.

The cultivation of large plantation of cashew for commercial purposes started majorly in two regions in Nigeria, the Western region and the Eastern Region but with time, the cultivation of large plantation of cashew spread into other regions of the country around the Middle belt and the North. In the early 70s, Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria started researching on cashew and how to improve the crop production. This brought about the introduction of Brazilian species which happens to be more friendly to the climatic conditions of the ones we were previously used to. This new species spread across the country because it was more tolerant to the climatic conditions of Nigeria and it lead to massive cultivation of cashew in many parts of the country.
Cashew is a rich fruits, it is one of the fruits that supplies amino acids to the body, we all need that and everyone loves the fruit but aside the fruit which is sweet , the cashew nut on the other had is a gold mine.

The demand for cashew nut is high, not just in Nigeria but in other countries of the world and some of these countries look to Nigeria for supply, Nigeria is one the countries in the world that produces and exports the largest tones of cashew nuts yearly. The market is very unsaturated which is why there is so much profit potential. Even if you are serving your state or city there is so much profit to be made and with time if you want to you can begin to export and make much more.
Just like other businesses, having the full understanding of it is very important so you do not make unnecessary mistakes because sometimes in business a mistake can be so expensive and can cost you so much. This is the reason you need a well written business plan to help you. A business plan is like a road map for your business, it will guide you on steps to take, equipment you need and how to grow your business.

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Cashew Nut Processing Feasibility study

Cashew nut has added to the economy of Nigeria, it has been processed into different forms for human consumption. Cashew nuts are snacks and they can be distilled to produce liquor and fruit drinks, it has been processed into cashew butter and cheese, even the shell of the cashew nuts can be used in lubricants and paints, the list goes on. The health benefits of cashew nuts are so enormous, some of the common ones include, managing of oxygen weight, it help to control heart related diseases and complications, and so much more.

The importance of cashew nuts is so much and it’s the reason the demand is so high. Cashew nuts are very expensive because of the high in demand. Yearly, the production of cashew nuts increases but yet it’s still not enough. For example, in the first two quarters of 2017, the rate of production of cashew nuts have increased to 465 per cent, this is the biggest we have seen since the production and exportation started years back but it’s still not enough because the demand has continued to grow.

Cashew Farming

This is the first stage of this business, there two different types of cashew farming substantial and commercial. Cashew farming requires time, money and effort. Cashew is not one of those crops you plant and expect harvest the following year. They are perennial crops which mean that they take few years to grow and produce so they need constant care and attention. If you are into cashew farming, it is always better to grow them in a nursing before transplanting them to their main home. The average rainfall is about 600mm yearly and this crop thrives anywhere you are in the country.


Harvesting and processing is demanding. During harvest is better to pluck the fruit directly from the tree before they fall down. This will prevent the fruit from damaging and when the fruit is fermented it cannot be used for juice. This is the reason the cashew farmer has to be very vigilant because the riper the fruits the sweeter it is.

As for the nut which is the focus in this article but you cannot talk about cashew nuts without first talking about its fruits, the nuts have a life span of twelve months, which is roughly a year. You must ensure that the moisture content is reduced to about 7 percent or much less. The cashew nuts should be packaged and sealed in container or nylon bags and kept in a cool dry place.

To be successful in the business you have to get all the necessary information about cashew nuts processing, do not embark on a business you have absolutely no idea about. There are various successful people that are into this business, you can schedule a meeting, ask questions so you can know the right steps to take. This is one of the reasons conducting a feasibility study is important because it will expose you to the market, the people you will be selling to and what to expect. Get a well written Cashew nuts processing business plan, in there would contain the list of thing you need to have, equipment, personnel, etc. A good business plan should cover executive summary, competitors analysis, sales and marketing strategies, method of operations, SWOT, financial projections break-even analysis etc.

It is also very important that you decide how you want to do this business. You can be buying cashew nuts from farmers and processing them or you can grow your own cashew fruits whichever one you decide are up to you. One thing about cashew nuts processing business is that it’s very profitable and you can make so much in such a short space of time.

To get Your Cashew nuts processing business plan. To place an order, pay N10,000 to

GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)
Account Name – Uwadia Eyemeka
Account No – 0127561472

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