Candle Production

Candle production is a very profitable business in Nigeria, this is a business that started way back even before the invention of electricity but now candles are used for religious purposes and also to improve ambience and decoration.

There are people who think that the demand for candles have reduced but they couldn’t be more wrong because it has not. Due to the current uses of candles, its almost impossible that the demand for candle likely to go down since it has not already. Also in some part of Nigeria most especially in rural areas where they are no good power supply, candle is still one of the major source of illumination.

However the demand of candle has dropped compared to how it was about fifteen years ago but aside the use of candle as a source of illumination, decoration and for religious purposes, candles are used during anniversaries and festivals. There are still other forms of usage demanding on the what the user want to do so if you are considering venturing into this business you on the right track because some smart Nigerians have made millions from candle business irrespective of what you think about it.

One good thing about candle production business unlike most businesses it not capital intensive. With a little capital you can start off and you an be rest assured that the profit will come rushing in in no distant time.

The reason why there will always be demand for candles is because what it is used for apart from the general source of light, candles also be used for different purposes.

Candles are used for ceremonies, religious rituals and festivals. Nigeria is a very religious country with different religious practices. Some use it for prayers, rituals etc. Candles can also be used for special occasions like Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day etc.It can also be used for traditional purposes like festivals.

Candles can be used for decoration purposes. As we know there are different colors and shape of candle. Candles mostly used for decoration is not like the regular candle. Some of this candles serves as air fresheners. They are used to beautify a place and on special occasions.

Candles can never be extinct because they are needed to perform some certain task that nothing else can do and that why they will always be in the market.

Candle production business like I said earlier is not capital intensive. However this also depends on the scale you want to start whether a small scale or large scale.

Below are the list of raw materials for candle production.

1. White Beeswax
2. Paraffin wax
3. Pyramid mold
4. Mold Sealer
5. Cookie Sheet
6. Black/Grey concentrated liquid dye
7. Hunter green concentrated liquid dye
8. Red/Pink concentrated liquid dye
9. 24-ply flat brad wick
10. Watermelon Fragrance oil
11. Stearic acid
12. Candle wick

With these materials mentioned above you can produce candles.

Candle production business can be done from the confides of your home or in an industry where you would need the machine for candle production. The capital needed for small scale production is not the same for large scale production because you will need to get the machine for production.

There are two different ways to make candles. The pouring method and the pressing method.

The pressing method is regarded to be more efficient and less stressful and simpler. Al you have to do is grind the ingredients you need into powder form and then press them to form the candles.

The pouring method is by preparing the candle wick in a tube then heat up the paraffin wax and the stearic acid.Pour it in a mixture for and allow to cool off then remove the tubes to get the candles.

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