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Bridal shop / boutique business is no doubt one of the most sought after businesses in Nigeria. With rate at which people are getting married and procreating there is no doubt that Nigeria may become the third most populated country in the world before 2050.

Every man wants to marry a beautiful woman, and the women that want to get married want to wear a beautiful wedding dress. As a matter of fact 95 per cent of weddings in Nigeria nowadays are white wedding so this calls for women to be dressed in their beautiful wedding dress and have all the accessories to go with it. Bridal shop / boutique is the place to get all the need for that special day of their life, therefore a bridal shop is a very profitable business in Nigeria because of the latest obsession in the society today with glamour and trend. Most people getting Married want their wedding in a luxurious way that makes a huge profit for bridal shops / boutique business and also for event planning and management companies.

Wedding take place at every weekend in this country irrespective of you state or city, there thousands of people getting married at different locations and bridal shop business stand to benefit so much from this.

This is not a common business which is why the demand and supply for the business is so unsaturated, not everyone can go into bridal shop / boutique business because to do so you must have the fashion sense to combine the needful to come up with a good concept.

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With the way weddings are taking place in this country on weekends, and the competition in this line of business is very low, you can venture into it and start making so much than you thought possible. If you have the skill and fashion sense together with passion for it then there is no telling of what you can make in short space of time. If you are thinking of how to go into this business, then this article is for you. In the article I’ll outline the most important highlights in this business and what you need to start and if you have already started what you need to run a successful bridal shop / boutique business in Nigeria.

Bridal shop / boutique Feasibility Study

Nigerians are ceremonial people given, everyone loves to party in Nigeria, weddings also are widely celebrated events not just in the country though but in the world at large. It is the dream of every bride to have a glamour wedding with the perfect gown to go with it. The bride wants that day to be special so much is put into it. The wedding industry in Nigeria contributes significantly to the country’s economy. This even has made other industries that were not profitable before to be become profitable such as makeup artists, fashion designers have also benefited from this. Before the recent happenings, wealthy Nigerians would travel out of the country to buy wedding gowns and accessories but not anymore because the industry has so grown an many wealthy Nigerians now know it’s a waste of time and money to travel abroad to buy wedding gowns when they can source for it here.


This is a very important aspect of this business because location is everything in a business, locating your bridal shop / boutique should not be a problem at all if you know exactly what you are doing. The location of your shop or boutique has to be strategic where it can be easily accessible. It is advisable to locate your shop in busy areas of developed or developing cities. These are places where they are people who will value the quality of your products and would pay anything you charge to have it. For example, any of the major cities in Nigeria do just fine for this business, however you location in this city is also very important.

Business structure

The fact that many people are morning this line of business means that the competition is low and it is an opportunity for to make so much from it. Besides having your shop and selling your own products you could also diversify into importation of wedding materials as well. Some of the bridal material can be locally produced but importing it would fetch you more money because as Nigerians we believe that foreign stuffs are more authentic than locally made ones.

Profitability of Bridal shop / Boutique

Like we have already established, this is a very profitable business, the market is still much unsaturated but here are some important things you need to know.

The demand is high

Due to weddings taking place every weekend the demand for bridal fashion is very high, this is a good reason to start and start today

Not time demanding

This one business that is not time consuming, when you are known people will call you when they need your products and services. Bridal shop / boutique is also easy to run.

Materials needed for Bridal shop / boutique

Show Room – Your show room should be in an open place where people can easily see your wears. Ensure is very beautiful and eye-catching so as to attract passerby. Your Show room should do a good advertising for you first and let people know that there is a bridal shop there and let them know that anything they need as far as wedding is concerned you have it in your shop.

Office – An office complex is important, this will be a meeting place for your business. In your shop you have to have an office there so people can easily find you. Do not locate your office different from your show room.

Cash register – This is important to have in your shop because it will help you give proper account and documentation of your sales. Do not just keep money anyhow and anywhere. It should be appropriately and properly registered in your cash register so that at the end of the day you can be able to give account of every sale that you have made.

Computer system – You will to be able to issue out receipts to customers so you would need at least one computer system in your shop

POS – This is for payment, having a POS will aid payment from your customers. Some people move around with cash on them apart from their debit card. With POS making payment is not a problem. A passerby might see something she likes and would need for her wedding and may not have enough cash to pay for it but with your POS the payment can be made without any issue.

Furniture – It is proper to have a place for your customers to sit when they enter your shop. Some customers may come with their friends and they might need to sit. This is a necessity so that your customers might relax and feel free when shopping.

Show glass – This is for your jewelries shoes and other items. You need to put them in a show glass.

Register your business – This is important as well, you may be thing must I register it, well, it important that you do.

Business Plan – This is the most important thing. There is no successful business out there that didn’t have a good business plan. You need to connect a feasibility study to know exactly what the market is about and a business plan to know what to expect and how to navigate through the business and thrive. A good business plan should cover your startup capital and other important things you might need for the business. From the executive summary, method of operations, SWOT, sales and marketing strategies to competitive analysis, market analysis financial projections break-even analysis etc. The importance of a business plan can never be overemphasized. Get a business plan before you start anything. If you write one then do so but if you can’t you can get an already prepared one which we regularly update with the current market analysis. The importance of a business plan is;

Setting priorities right

Setting milestone for the business

It serves as a reminder to keep the business on track

Cash management

It helps to develop accountability.

Capital – This is a very important aspect for the business because your capital determines the kind of bridal shop you will have. You can start small and grow the business. Sourcing of capital is important, you might have some money saved up for this business which is good but you can also source for capital from investors probably from friends or family, you also apply for a grant or loan. Our business plan can help you with your loan or grant application.

Hire Staff – You might need to hire at least one person to help you. You must not have many staffs except you are starting on large scale. However, you need someone to help you with one or two thing, maybe run some errands etc.

Competition – You have to conscious of the fact that you are not the only bridal shop in your area, state or city. People are often looking for quality so you need to have quality products.

To get Your Bridal Shop Business Plan in Nigeria. To place an order, pay N10,000 to

GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)
Account Name – Uwadia Eyemeka
Account No – 0127561472

After payment text your name and your e-mail address to 07036785443 and you’ll receive your Bridal Shop / Boutique Business Plan / Feasibility Study

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