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Baby Store business plan in Nigeria is available here and its updated from time to time with current market values, it can be used for Bank loans, Grants, proposals etc

Baby store is a place that contains all babies’ items, baby care products, clothes, shoes and so on. This is a good business and it’s very profitable. If you are interested in starting this business or you are just considering, well, I strongly recommend you to start off immediately do not waste time because those running this business are making a whole lot.

Families’ purchase baby clothing everyday for their babies and the ones yet to born. This is a very thriving business in Nigeria, study shows that baby shop business is one of the businesses with high chance of succeeding because of the unsaturated demands on baby’s clothing’s, baby care products and so on.

In this article, I would highlight some important aspect of this business so you can better understand why it’s so lucrative and the things you need when running or starting Baby shop business.

Baby Store Feasibility Study

There is a large market for the sales of baby products ranging from baby’s clothing, shoes, toys to diapers, all these can be gotten from baby shops. From few months old to 12 years or even more, their items should be available in your baby shop. These things are most sorts after by parents from different walks of life because their baby needs it.

In Nigeria, the estimate of the babies born in 2016 is about 5.2 million; the parents of these babies all bought clothes, shoes baby care products etc. With the growing population of the country, more and more babies will be born every year and the baby shops already existing are not enough to handle the demand.

There are babies in most homes in Nigeria, irrespective of the social status, early marriages is one of the reasons why the percentage of children born in Nigeria is growing more than it has even been. Women in Nigeria get married in their early twenties, meaning that women between the ages of 20 – 39 will give birth to at least 5 children so this estimate gathered in 2016 is constantly growing yearly which is why the demand for baby’s item will constantly be on the rise.

According to World Bank, middle class parents between the age of 23-30 percent can afford baby products. Most middle class families in the country are made up of two parents and 3 children with. Studies show that with the monthly incomes of these middle class families, they can afford baby products irrespective of their state or city.

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Starting a Baby Shop Business

Source for Capital

The way you start is important, whether you already have money saved up for this business or you want investors to invest in your business is up to you. Investors could be family or friends. You can even get grants or loan. We have a well written business plan that you can submit to your investors or to banks if you want to source for loan. The business plan is written by professionals after a good feasibility study has been conducted. This business plan is updated regularly to give you the right market figures.

Rent a Shop

Baby shop business will need a shop, staring from home may not be the best in this line of business so its important you rent a shop. You can start small then grow the business. Renting a shop must not be a big shop, this is one of the reasons why a good business plan is good because it will give you a good breakdown of what you need to know on how to start and if you have already started how to grow it to another level. Rent a shop that is in a strategic position. It is better to get one close to motor part, hospital or a busy place.


This is one of the most important aspects of this business. Where you are located will determine how well your business will do, which is why you should not just rent a shop anywhere. You have to be strategic, get a location is buy and accessible. If you find yourself in a unpopulated environment the business may not do so well like the ones in a busy environment. This is something you must look out for. Location is everything in a business and you cannot afford to miss it would affect you.

Where to buy baby product

This is another important aspect of this business. For a start you can buy from wholesalers you know around and its better to buy in bulk. When you know where to purchase your good from, things will be much easier for you.

Choose a niche

This is entirely up to you. You can choose the one you will want to specialize in. All baby’s items are lucrative, you can choose to sell baby accessories and cosmetic, toys, new products with brands, fairly used clothes, pants, shoes, papers or even mixed products. To maximize your reach is better you sell all baby items in your shop.

Wholesale baby products

You can be a wholesaler or distributor of baby products. You can buy your goods from overseas in large quantities and sell to wholesalers and retailers. You can finish a container of good in one week if you have good sales and marketing strategy. This is also one aspect a good business plan is important. You can make millions of naira in a very short while because as of now, there is no ban on importation of products like clothes. You can also locate manufacturers in Nigeria to buy from.

Where to buy baby products

Whether or not you are buying your baby product within Nigeria, this is an area you should take seriously. If you are buying your goods in Nigeria, Lagos is the major place to buy things because there are many importers of baby products in the country. People from different states and cities go to Lagos to buy what they need for wholesale. There are several places you could go in Lagos to buy baby items you need for your shop.

If you are buying from other countries, then consider the country wares you want to sell. You can buy from other countries like Turkey, UK, US, Dubai, Italy etc.

How to Start Baby Shop Business in Nigeria

Firstly, you need to conduct a feasibility study, make research on your potential customers, and write a business plan on Baby shop. For the fact that the business is lucrative does not mean you just start off without careful details of every aspect of the business. You can choose a niche by choosing the aspect of baby things you want to sell. Whether its for pregnant women preparing for their new born, or its fairly used or new baby clothes or general items for babies from 0 – 10 years.

There three classes of parents, the rich, middle class and the low. This market is wide so you can choose who to service; you can also choose to combine all of them if you have the capital. You can start small and then grow the business,

How much is need to start

This depends on the baby product you want to sell, if you want to sell fairly used children wears, or you want to sell varieties of baby things the prices are not the same. This is a very lucrative business you will be amazed of the profit you will make in such a short space of time.

To get Your Baby Store Business Plan. To place an order, pay N10,000 to

GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)
Account Name – Uwadia Eyemeka
Account No – 0127561472

After payment text your name and your e-mail address to 07036785443 and you’ll receive your Baby Store Business Plan in Nigeria / Feasibility Study

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